Planisol-M Cleaner

Planisol-M was developed through extensive research for the purpose of developing a universal detergent.

The complex and changing needs of industry are met by the new ecologically perfect Planisol-M.

Planisol-M is completely biodegradable in all known sanitary systems.

The unique activity of Planisol-M is based on inorganic buffers and deflocculants. The wetting power is started by means of organic fatty materials. This wetting power is sustained and continued by means of alkaline builders that carry the detersive process to completion.

APPLICATIONS: Planisol-M is a powerful detergent that will clean all surfaces found in our environment while at the same time keeping our ground water pure, clean and uncontaminated.

Planisol-M is also available in liquid form. Specail orders only. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Planisol-M contains no caustic soda. Planisol-M is non-toxic.


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