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SONIKLEAN 2000 - The Ultimate Parts Cleaning System
100% Stainless Steel All New Ultrasonic Cleaning System Maximum Versatility
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Large 36" x 26" x 10" Basin

(optional Drying Rack & Parts Basket)

(Easy to use Control Panel)

Product Specifications
Specifications & Features Additional Standard Features
Sink size: 36" x 28" x 10"
Machine base: 40 gallon capacity
Height with light attached: 74"
Loading height: 40"
Solution capacity: Approx. 40 gallons
Recirculating pump capacity: 5 GPM
Solution filtering: 300 GPH
Immersion heater: 1100 watts
Ultrasonic power: 1000 watts, 40KHz
GFI electrical protection: 20 AMP/GFI
Electrical requirements: 120 volts - 60 HZ AC - 20 AMP
All T-304 Stainless Steel construction: 16 gauge tank & sink
Stay-put hose
Flo-thru cleaning brush
Belt skimmer with drain valve
Heater indicator light
Drain strainer
Solution Level Indicator lights
Easy access, washable, dual filtration unit
Wheel with locking casters
Air agitation system
Integrated work light
Front panel control of all functions
Polished stainless steel enclosure houses solution tank and all functional components.
Oil skimmer sparger bar
Insulated solution tank
Available Options
Ultrasonic cleaning system
Stainless Steel Parts Basket
Stainless Steel Drying Shelf
Aerator cover plate (Non-ultrasonic only)
Stainless steel waste oil receptacle
Ultrasonic timer
A Better Ultrasonic Parts Washing System
SONIKLEEN 2000 is the ultimate parts cleaning system offering a durable 100% stainless steel design and an all new ultrasonic cleaning system built into every unit. This machine is available to Dealers directly from the manufacturer, with one-source responsibility for design, manufacture and support.

SONIKLEEN 2000 offers maximum versatility with any combination of ultrasonic action, powerful air agitation, flow-thru brush cleaning and stay-put washing nozzle. A large 36" x 28" x 10" deep cleaning basin accommodates a broad range of uses. A full width sparger in front and full width skimming weir in back ensure that floating oil is removed quickly and can not contaminate cleaned parts. A unique skimming system in the lower tank efficiently removes the oil in an area away from the parts, and away from the operator, depositing it directly into a receptacle for proper disposal. The insulated lower tank also allows energy efficient heating with thermostatic control.

SONIKLEEN 2000 is designed for easy use with all controls up front, indicator lights to maintain proper solution levels and a natural ergonomic working height. The easy access permanent washable filters can be removed by hand, rinsed clean, and put back in service in minutes. All controls are waterproof, easy to use, and clearly marked, allowing even unskilled workers to clean parts safely and efficiently.

SONIKLEEN 2000 is built to last with heavy duty stainless steel construction inside and out, this machine can never rust and is virtually maintenance free. All components are industrial grade, with superior features - such as a biast cooled magnetic drive pump designed for years of trouble free operation.

SONIKLEEN 2000 employs the latest ultrasonic technology in a new design developed in conjunction with a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic systems. This system provides effective ultrasonic cleaning, without damaging your parts, and offers greater reliability.

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TO ORDER CALL: 800-877-2436 FAX 800-800-0389