Micro-grip Floor Cleaner

Tasc Micro-grip Floor Cleaner is a scientific breakthrough in the development of environmentally safe and USDA approved formulation.

Micro-grip Floor Cleaner unique formulation eliminates imbedded stains from concrete floor while cleaning safely, economically and with our Micro-grip additive. The micro-grip agent allows a perfect cleaning for your concrete floors as it slip-proofs the surface. You no longer have to fear greasy, dangerous areas.

Micro-grip Floor Cleaner has the amazing ability to penetrate into concrete pores and lift out all stains.

Micro-grip Floor Cleaner is therefore an excellent cleaner prior to painting or sealing without the need to acid stretch.

Micro-grip Floor Cleaner also possesses unique anionic and non-anionic characteristics that enhance the wetting of hard and soft surfaces.

BENEFITS: Non-toxic. Free of all phosphates, NTA and toxic substances. Readily soluble in water. Contains no caustics. Will not encourage vegetation overgrowth. Worker safe; lowers the risk of liability claims. Environmentally safe. One product convenience and economy. Lowered risk of regulatory complaints. Indefinite shelf life. USDA Approved.

APPLICATIONS: concrete floors, loading docks, asphalt, tile, terrazzo, granite, ceramic floors, brick or any masonry surface. Steam gun Operations: Suitable for oil based paint stripping, degreasing, washing of all masonry surfaces, clean sealed or non sealed surfaces.

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