Heavy Duty Flux Remover

Heavy Duty Flux Remover is the most powerful ESD-Safe residue free, non-flammable flux remover on the market today.

Heavy Duty Flux Remover low aroma formula is designed for the environment and is ideal for the toughest cleaning situations.

Heavy Duty Flux Remover is an excellent replacement for HCFC-based cleaners because it delivers extraordinary cleaning performance without environmental concerns.

Heavy Duty Flux Remover is more convenient than alcohol-solvents and avoids the toxicity worries of methylene chloride.

Heavy Duty Flux Remover is aroma-free and nonflammable and quickly removes most types of age-hardened fluxes and pastes.

Heavy Duty Flux Remover is also a powerful degreaser that is suitable for all types of electronics, ceramics, metals, many mechanical assemblies, plus hybrids and even tightly-packed surface mount devices.

APPLICATIONS: Easily removes polar and non-polar contamination, organic residues, ionic deposits, fingerprints, white residues, dust, oils, grease, polyurethane or silicone-based conformal coatings, most adhesives, some inks, and toner from laser printers and copiers.

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