Aqua-Seal Concrete Sealer is an aqueous, urethane fortified resin dispersion developed for the protection of interior/exterior non- resilient surfaces.

Aqua-Seal Concrete Sealer Benefits: Safe, easy to use: waterborne, no harmful solvent odors or thinners recommended. Rapid cure time: cures quickly to minimize downtime. Dries quickly for rapid re-coating. Ready for traffic in 6-8 hours. Protects concrete: reduces damage from soil penetration, standing water and air pollution on concrete surfaces. Non-yellowing: resistant to UV degradation, interior/exterior use. Helps prevent rusting. Durable: resistant to most industrial cleaners and degreasers. Easy cleaning: clean up tools and equipment with warm soapy water.

PREPARATION: Acid condition on smooth dense concrete surfaces. Interior: remove all grease, oil and other foreign material by scrubbing with a heavy-duty concrete cleaner and wire brush. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. On permanent type coatings, the surface should be abraded with 100 mesh screen back disk. Use a test patch for any question of adhesion, and an acid etching concrete conditioner on smooth dense concrete surfaces.

COVERAGE: Sq.Ft. Per Gallon- Rough or coarse: 500-800 Medium porosity: 700-1000, Smooth or previously coated: 1000-1500, Vertical surfaces: 1500-2500.

CURE TIME: Quick dry. Re-coats in 30 min. to 1 hour under normal conditions. Apply 3 or more coats in a day. Ready for heavy traffic in 6-8 hours. Application: Apply with a lamb's wool applicator or a low-pressure sprayer (40 psi) such as a Hudson, airless or power sprayer. Allow 30 min. to an hour dry time, depending on conditions, then apply second coat. Use a third coat to ensure protection. The final coat should dry 6-8 hours traffic.

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