AQUA-5 All-in-One ecologically safe offset printing solution is a technological breakthrough. I is designed to be user friendly. It is absolutely harmless to all rubber parts.

AQUA-5 All-in-One cleans, deglazes and restores rubber rollers and blankets to a "like new" condition. It can also be used to remove ink from machinery and presses.

AQUA-5 All-in-One effectively removes adhesives and paint from plastic and is harmless to the plastic itself. It can also be used to clean laser print rollers.

AQUA-5 All-in-One has a pleasant citrus odor. It can be reused over and over after filtering making it far more economical than ordinary blanket and roller wash.


  1. Harmless to rubber parts
  2. Contains no harmful ingredients
  3. Ecologically safe, biodegradable
  4. No petroleum distillates
  5. No chlorinated solvents.

Not considered an EPA hazardous waste product. Combustible liquid (OSHA, Dot)

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