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Parts for parts washers bought before 2000 are in very short supply.
Sales of these parts are special order items. All sales are final on special orders.
Check with your dealer for availability or call 1-800-877-2436.

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Floor Care Products Our Best Floor Cleaner | Floor Preps | Sealers | Absorbent Mats, Socs and Ground Control
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Parts Cleaner Soniklean 2000

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Planisol-M & Tasc
Planisol-M   PLANISOL-M handles the toughest cleaning jobs without endangering the enviornment, its users, or your company. Industrial Cleaning Supplies
Planisol-M Liquid   PLANISOL-M in liquid form is made to order. As powerful as powder. (Special order only. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.) Industrial Cleaning Supplies
Tasc   TASC, a general purpose cleaner that is non-toxic and worker safe. USDA approved. Industrial Cleaning Supplies  
Floor Care Products
Our Best Floor Cleaner
Tasc Micro Grip Makes your concrete look like new while it virtually eliminates slips and falls! Our revolutionary patent-pending Micro-Grip technology actually creates surface traction. Suitable for use by hand or in a floor scrubber. USDA approved. Industrial Cleaning Supplies
Floor Preps
Aqua-5 Non-Flammable Heavy Duty Stripper Easy to use. A liquid stripper that contains emulsifiers so that it's easy to remove with water. Will remove any type of floor finishes including old and stubborn sealers, paints and waxes. Industrial Cleaners
Aqua-5 Liquid Acid Etch Better than Muriatic Acid without the danger of the fumes! Use prior to sealing your floor. Creates a rougher surface that gives superior adhesion for sealers and coatings. Industrial Cleaning Products
Aqua-5 Epoxy Concrete Patch
(Mix-A, Mix-B)
This easy one-step patch is actually stronger than concrete! Perfect for use on eroded or cracked concrete. No mixing required. Trowel it on, then smooth. No solvents or voc's. A-Floor Cleaners
B-Concrete Patch
Note: Sealers can be custom colored. The chart below are a examples of some of our most popular.
Aqua-5 Sealer
A clear waterborne urethane fortified resin. No harmful solvent odors. Superior resistance to most industrial cleaners and degreasers. Ready for heavy traffic in 6-8 hours Metal Cleaners
Urethane Enamel Your floors will look great! Specially formulated. One of the most durable finishes on the market. Outstanding resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Excellent for industrial applications. Plastic Cleaners
Epoxy-Seal (two part) Harder than nails! Unsurpassed durability, gloss and hardness. Resistant to most chemicals. Dries in 90 minutes. Ready for traffic in 4 hours. USDA approved.
Absorbent Mats, Socs and Ground Control
Safety Absorbent Mats & Socs Full line of "universal" (water, chemicals, oils, grease, resins, etc.) and "oily only" heavy duty absorbents. Easy to use in either pre-cut bundles or rolls.  
Exo-Melt Ice & Snow Remover Uses exothermic reaction to melt ice and snow safely without sunlight. Will not track in. Safe for use on walkways. Will not harm vegetation. Cleaning Supplies
Weed Killer Concentrate Total weed control where no plant growth is desired. Controls bindweed, common mullein, and other hard to kill weeds. Prevents growth for up to one year. Week Killers
Cleaning & Degreasing Products
New Products!
Planisol-M Developed through extension research for the purpose of developing a universal detergent. Completely biodegradable in all known sanitary systems. Available in Liquid and/or Powder. Concrete Cleaner
Tasc Micro-grip Concrete Cleaner Makes your concrete look like new while it virtually eliminates slips and falls! Our revolutionary patent-pending Micro-Grip technology actually creates surface traction. Suitable for use by hand or in a floor scrubber. USDA approved. Concrete Cleaner
Jet Kleen Jet Kleen #100 is a highly versatile product which is designed to save time, labor and money. It can cut through the heaviest accumulations of dirt and grease with ease and leave surfaces sparkling clean.  
Natural Adhesive & Resin Remover Dissolves adhesives without solvents! Replaces hazardous solvents line MEK, 1,1,1 Tri-chlorethane, Acetone and Methylene Chloride. Environmentally safe. Removes glues, adhesives, resins, epoxies, urethane and varnishes. Adhesive Remover
Break-Thru The world's first residue free aqueous cleaner degreaser! Our scientists formulated an environmentally safe degreaser with the cleaning power of a solvent. Absolutely no film or residue! Rust inhibited. Odor free. Industrial Strength Cleaning Supplies
Rubber & Plastic Cleaners
All-In-One An ecologically safe solution. It cleans, deglazes and removes inks and adhesives without harming rubber and plastic surfaces. Pleasant smell. Restores rubber to like new condition. Rubber & Plastic Cleaners
Metal Cleaners
Aqua-5 Citrablend An excellent product that provides safe cleaning of non ferrous (soft metal) surfaces - brass, bronze, copper and aluminum. Oil and grease floats to the surface for easy removal. Soft Metal Cleaners
Aqua-5 Plus Specially formulated for ferrous (hard) metals. Excellent for cleaning steel, cast iron and any other hard metal surfaces. Hard Metal Cleaners
Mold Cleaner
Aqua-5 Mold Cleaner Environmentally friendly. Removes stubborn resins and residues trapped in molds. Leaves your molds clean and bright. Eliminates the need for sandblasting. Mold Cleaner
Truck & Trailer Wash
Aqua-5 Truck & Trailer Wash Absolutely the best truck & trailer wash ever formulated. Removes road tar, dirt, oil and grease while restoring body to showroom condition. Environmentally safe. Truck Washers
Rust Removal
Aqua-5 Rust Remover Worker safe. Easy to use. Removes rust on contact. No noxious odors or fumes. Non-flammable. No respirator required. Gloves only necessary for prolonged use. Rust Removers
Parts Washer
SoniKlean 2000 The ultimate parts cleaning system offering maximum versatility.  
Click on product name for a more detailed description Click on the "icon" for a printable MSDS
Industrial Cleaning Supplies
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